Trademark InSight™ - A Complete Product Management Solution

OpSec is committed to protecting your products at every stage of their lifecycle. We provide a single source for integrated end-to-end product management. Our product management solutions organize contract management, trademark distribution, and product design approvals in one platform to digitize and streamline your product lifecycle from concept to phase-out.

Trademark InSight allows you to:

  • Create, manage, and distribute contracts and license agreements
  • Share your images, video, and trademark content with complete control as to who gets what
  • Proof & approve product designs in one place to reduce approval lead-times and save on costs
  • Report sales by product category, sales by distribution channel and analyze approval rates

Compliance with your contracts and trademarks are integral to securing your revenue and key in distinguishing authentic product from counterfeit goods. With OpSec’s product management solutions, you can provide your design, production, and distribution partners with the tools to facilitate compliance and communication.



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