Product Authentication

Authentication technologies are essential to all genuine products and packaging. OpSec has been delivering the leading authentication technologies to top brands for nearly 40 years.

Today’s technologies empower users to authenticate the unique identity of your authorized products, with or without a mobile device, and with or without an online connection.

What began as the most cost-effective solution to counterfeiting, unauthorized production, and diversion, has evolved to also serve as the touchpoint for consumers to identify what is real and of real value, and for brand owners to gain insight into their global business operations and their customer’s preferences and buying decisions.

Realizing the benefits of tomorrow’s Internet Of Things, in a safe and secure way, further intensifies this need to authenticate the unique identity of each product.



For all products there is a unique design of authentication devices that deliver the most secure, effective, efficient, and valuable benefits. The accurate and reliable supply of these individually identified authentication devices from production in our security facilities to application in our Client’s factories, is the basis for controlling and monitoring the production of each Brand’s authorized products globally.




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