Stamping Out Tobacco & Alcohol Fraud

Our tax stamp product line, SecureITT™, encompasses a variety of tax stamp technologies all of which include include strong product authentication features. Our programs are tailored to customer-specific needs and are designed to protect tax revenues and fees.

Our Tax Stamp Product Line combines multiple authentication features including:

  • Jurisdiction-specific stamp designs (size, shape, color, indicia)
  • Overt, Covert, Semi-Covert, & Forensic Printed Security Features
  • Unique Serialization
  • Digital Association of Unique Tax Stamps to specific product(s) or product group(s)
  • Stamp specific information embedded into a variety of bar code types
  • Mobile scanning returning unique supply chain information
  • Revenue Authority audit-reporting
  • Online Web Monitoring for counterfeit stamps and illegal trade

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