Secure Foils for Document Protection

OpSec is entrusted with protecting countless high-value products and revenue streams globally with our foil solutions. How do we do this? Producing a wide variety of foil solutions supporting application via hot and cold foil methods. Our breadth of offering also allow us to customize to the required solution albeit on paper, plastic or woven into a banknote we have the right solution for the vast array of application requirements in the market.

This combined with our optical technologies provide a multitude of options including De-metallized, HRI (high refractive index), Aluminum, Copper metals including, SecureMax (Imaged Liquid Crystal). We include offerings that are custom matched colors to tie to your brand or critical color matching when incorporated into the final security solution. Our foils can also carry covert markers such as Taggant and other covert markers to enhance the security solution.


Introducing OpSec Precision™

OpSec Precision PegasusA new generation security product that is extremely difficult to replicate yet easy to visually verify. OpSec's Precision™ is a compelling and sophisticated security device along with a brand enhancement tool that reinforces consumer confidence in your brand. 

Precision is a selectively metallized product that harnesses exact control to allow for key OVD elements to refract (playback) to the viewer’s eye in tight register control to the OVD image structure. This creates areas of fully metallized sections and/or partially metallized sections in relation to the final image based on the design specifics.


  • Precisely controlled selective metallization 

  • Striking brilliance and resolution

  • Can Incorporate OpSec’s full range of covert and forensic OVD features

A few of the companies that trust OpSec