Security MicroThread for Apparel Brand Protection

The fashion sector is the most affected by counterfeiting. It is relatively easy to copy clothing and shoes and it is lucrative because of high margins as brand owners invest in non-direct costs (advertising, celebrity endorsement, and design). Our MicroThread solution offers apparel brands with a simple way to add brand protection without changing the look of the label or the product. The thread features micro text and images such as logos or serialization for tracking purposes can be sewn into any label. It can be visible, appearing as a metallic thread, or completely covert.


  • Reduces imaging to 30x-60x scope for added security
  • Micro-text embedded on each thread
  • Information can include logos, serialization for tracking purposes, etc.


  • Technology integrated to existing production label
  • Covert feature verified by investigators’ tools
  • Cost-effective authentication solutions
  • No additional manufacturing processes
  • Reasonable minimum order quantities

Trusted by thousands of companies and government agencies