OpSec Security’s latest technology, OpSec Precision, is a selectively metallized image that increases both the branding and security of authentication programs.

Lancaster, Penn. — August 24, 2016 — OpSec Security, the global leader in securing, enhancing and protecting brands, services, and revenues, has launched its latest technology, OpSec Precision™.


OpSec Precision is a selectively metallized product that is tightly registered to the primary branded image removing the constraints of standard die cuts often seen in authentication labels.  Precision can be used in conjunction with OpSec’s complete optical technology portfolio resulting in a unique appearance that increases both security and branding for clients’ logos and trademarks.


“Law enforcement and authenticators need easily visible cues to quickly determine an item’s authenticity,” said Ben Stump, Chief Technology Officer of OpSec Security.  “By combining our world-class optical technology with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology like Precision, OpSec is able to take an exponential leap ahead of the counterfeiters’ capabilities for large-scale programs… all without the use of expensive readers, chemicals and tools.”


OpSec Precision PegasusIn developing scalability for commercial use, OpSec used an image of the legendary flying horse, Pegasus, to demonstrate the detail to which Precision is capable. Selectively removing the unused metal around the horse, Precision leaves the features of the tail, wings and each hoof.  Die cutters often used by counterfeiters cannot maintain the level of registration required for detailed imagery.


Following its initial introduction in the transaction card market, OpSec Precision is now available for commercial and government applications. 


About OpSec Security

OpSec Security is the market leader in fighting counterfeits for brands, transaction cards and government documents and currency. OpSec delivers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions, including advanced physical security technologies, supply chain track and trace services, and online and e-commerce monitoring and analysis for thousands of companies across industry sectors and 50 governments worldwide. OpSec is a wholly-owned division of OpSec Security Group Limited and operates manufacturing and software development facilities and laboratories in the USA, the UK, and Germany and has sales operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit www.opsecsecurity.com. Follow OpSec on Twitter @OpSecSecurity, Facebook and LinkedIn.