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A Complete Product Lifecycle Management Platform

OpSec InSight™ empowers your brand with data and analytics for manufacturing, distribution, retailer efficiency, online risk assessments and mitigation, consumer demographics and more. This integrated platform manages products from inception through their useful life with your consumers.

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Better Collaboration & Control of Your Product Development Phase

At the product development phase, Trademark InSight™ allows you to manage all your brand’s assets, product approvals, and contracts from one central place.

  • Get notifications on agreement renewals, royalty payments, compliance, and deadlines
  • Control distribution of your brand’s images, videos, logos and other digital assets to key stakeholders and ensure adherence to your brand’s usage guidelines
  • Collaborate faster and more efficiently with product designers, simplifying your proofing and approval workflows

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Easily Identify Real from FakeTrack InSight iPhone

Distinguish illicit product from legitimate goods by serializing your finished goods with OpSec Unique Identifiers. UIDs can be authenticated via the Track InSight™ web portal, mobile (iOS and Android), and by web services and applications using robust OpSec InSight APIs.

Track InSight allows the export of UIDs to accommodate any production method including:

  • Tamper-evident labels or hangtags/swing tickets
  • Direct application onto product via laser etching, printing (thermal transfer, inkjet, etc) or other methods
  • Digital embedding in product software or internet-enabled firmware

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Supply Chain Transparency

Trace InSight™ increases transparency in the manufacturing process and allows brand owners to trace products from production through distribution to consumers. The data collected enables supply chain stakeholders to understand facility performance, distribution accuracy, and even retailer (online and brick-and-mortar) efficiency.

Production and distribution partners can perform “declarations”, linking together the relevant product metadata and Unique Identifiers (UIDs). Declaration stages are completely customizable, depending on the product’s supply chain lifecycle.

Real-time information on vendor inventory, shipment dates, authorized sales and any other declaration events is available in the configurable dashboard.

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Online InSight Screen ShotMonitor & Enforce Your Brand Online

Online InSight™ safeguards against fraudulent use of your brand on the internet providing continuous monitoring of merchandise sales activity across the web, analyzing the data, conducting test purchases and enforcing the law and company policies. The platform’s dashboard analytics deliver actionable intelligence and the ability to measure the success of brand protection efforts. Online InSight allows you to:

  • Monitor online sales across hundreds of top global marketplaces
  • Reduce fraudulent activity across the popular social media platforms
  • Identify & remove unauthorized use of your valuable IP
  • Enforce MAP pricing and monitor online channel partner compliance
  • Remove unauthorized digital media from cyberlockers and streaming sites

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Drive Consumer Engagement

Consumer InSight™ allows customers to interact with your brand and allows you to measure post-retail marketing efficacy while creating a stronger bond with your customers.

  • Manage warranty claims
  • Offer rewards and sweepstakes to build retention
  • Motivate consumers to purchase authentic product
  • Gain valuable information about your best consumers

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