OpSec’s Online InSight: Anti-Piracy Program provides services to combat unauthorized online distribution of digital media. These services can be particularly helpful to content owners in the movie, music, and software industries, which are increasingly confronted with violations to licensing agreements and infringements to copyrights. We identify the suppliers of pirated content and help you take action against illegal sales and distribution.

Our anti-piracy solutions include both detection and countermeasure services to prevent the unauthorized downloading of digital content, especially relating to illegal cyberlocker and streaming offers. By unmasking and disabling access to illegal downloads across many distribution sites, OpSec helps you protect your authorized distribution channels and reduce financial losses due to piracy.


OpSec’s trained enforcement analysts complement our proprietary technologies to guide and conduct take-downs on behalf of our clients. We manage the entire process from start to finish. Our combination of technology and expertise create the most effective means for successfully removing unauthorized content and delivering an impactful online brand protection program.

  • Sophisticated Web Scraping
  • Bulk Enforcement


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