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OpSec’s Online InSight™ platform provides continuous monitoring of your products’ sales activity across the internet, analyzing the data, conducting test purchases and enforcing laws and policies. Implemented by hundreds of the world’s largest brands, Online InSight complements your anti-counterfeiting strategy to fight abuse through all channels of distribution, including online.

Integrating Online InSight with the other modules of OpSec InSight delivers best-in-class business intelligence about your brand’s product lifecycle. 

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Better Data to Make Better Decisions

Marketplace Monitoring


Gain intelligence & enforce on unauthorized products and sellers on e-commerce sites

Social Media Online Brand Protection


Screen online social media platforms for unauthorized use of your intellectual property

Pricing Intelligence


Ensure your online channel partners are policy compliant and gain competitive pricing data

IP Monitoring


Track down illegal use of your trademarks, logos and domain names

Link Analysis


Collect intelligence on counterfeit affiliate networks to pinpoint the hub

Evidential Purchases


Procure sales of counterfeit product and build substantial legal evidence

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Online InSightMarketplace Monitoring

Acquire market intelligence and enforce on unauthorized products and sellers on global e-commerce marketplaces

OpSec’s Online InSight platform provides clients with 24/7/365 online brand protection across all activity occurring on the top global e-commerce marketplaces with the proven ability to protect and enforce your valuable intellectual property.  Whether your risk exposure is with Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Taobao or any of numerous other global marketplaces, Online InSight has the solution.

Our sophisticated web-scraping and risk assessment analysis uncover counterfeit and illicit sales that most adversely affect a brand's distribution strategy and revenues. Our user-friendly web interface, dashboard analytics and team of experienced brand protection specialists deliver actionable intelligence and the ability to measure the success of your brand protection efforts.


Social Media Monitoring Social Media Monitoring

Remove fake products and intellectual property abuse on social media platforms

If Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous country in the world… by over 700 million people. 

Social media is driving and influencing online sales and brand perception. But alongside the positive impact that social awareness can provide, there are also growing trademark infringements, logo misappropriation and copyright misuse, which can have the reverse effect.

Online InSight provides clients with tools to ensure continuous monitoring and effective enforcement against illicit activity across all of the top social media platforms. More than a third of the world’s population uses social media making it a “must have” for complete online brand protection. 

Pricing Intelligence


Pricing Intelligence

Ensure your online channel partners are policy compliant and gain competitive pricing data

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and ensure that your channel partners are compliant to your distribution policies, then our e-commerce intelligence programs are for you. 

Online InSight provides e-commerce and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring, helping you understand your partners and competitors’ price strategy. 

Online InSight's Price Monitoring & Compliance Management delivers a powerful technology platform that gathers data across global online retailers, backed up by a team of trained experts, to provide the insights needed to manage and secure your online sales channels.

IP Monitoring

IP Monitoring

Track down illegal use of your trademarks, logos and domain names

The Online InSight platform identifies and removes web pages and other online content that infringe upon your intellectual property.

Our advanced technology and expertise allow us to cast a wide net to uncover misuse from all over the internet including:

  • Unauthorized sales
  • Unapproved distribution of proprietary information
  • Inappropriate use of logo and trademarks

We help you prioritize findings and identify infringements that require immediate action.

Link Analysis

Link Analysis

Collect intelligence on counterfeit affiliate networks to pinpoint the hub

OpSec’s proprietary link analysis methodology identifies marketing affiliate networks operating multiple websites and link sellers operating across marketplaces, web shops, and social media.

Attain successful analysis through powerful patterning technology. However, raw science is not enough. OpSec reinforces that technology with trained data analysts covering multiple languages.

Link analysis is a core element of our online brand protection offering. It’s a simple concept: stop it where it starts and the rest of the network will collapse.

Evidential Test Purchases

Evidential Purchases

Procure sales of infringing product and build substantial legal evidence

You’ve found the infringing listing. You’ve identified the seller. All you need now is physical proof to take legal action.

Test purchases serve to uncover multiple possible infringements and represent a considerable contribution to the uncovering of unlawful and unauthorized sales on the internet.

OpSec’s evidential test purchase programs utilize masked IPs and addresses from around the world to purchase illicit products. Our chain-of-custody preservation helps your legal team, and law enforcement, be more efficient in their investigation and seizure operations.




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