Online Brand Protection

OpSec’s Online InSight™ platform provides continuous monitoring of your products sales activity across the internet, analyzing the data, conducting test purchases and enforcing the law and your policies. We work with many of the world’s largest brands to help them fight counterfeiting and abuse through all channels of distribution, including online. Whether you are just starting to protect your brand online or you have been fighting IP abuse for years, OpSec can help you: - Quantify the size and scope of illicit activity - Reduce sales of counterfeit, gray market & stolen goods.

  • Protect intellectual property & maintain brand integrity
  • Mine & analyze social media content to detect threats and direct program strategy
  • Protect digital content from illegal downloads
  • Ensure sales channel and pricing compliance
  • Protect IP from unauthorized use


Stop Playing Whack-a-Mole

OpSec’s Link Analysis is a proprietary methodology we created. We identify marketing affiliate networks operating multiple websites, and we link sellers operating across marketplaces, web shops, and social media. Link analysis is achieved through powerful patterning technology, but raw science is not enough, and we back up that technology with trained data analysts. This service is a core element of our online brand protection strategy because we don’t believe you can achieve substantial protection without mapping these networks.


Our Online Brand Protection solution works well with our Trace InSight™ platform, giving you visibility of your products throughout the entire distribution supply chain.

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