Innovation is at the forefront of everything OpSec does and stands for.

We have four major areas of constant groundbreaking innovation:

Enhancement Technologies: Driving cutting edge design with unique technology we provide woven and embroidered badges to many of the world’s leading brands. Beyond that, our innovative approach to staying ahead of the market has us on the cutting edge with encapsulated holograms, silicon, and even laser die cutting. The combinations are endless and we are adding new capabilities daily.


Authentication Technologies: Our secure multi-lab design and origination facility allows us the flexibility to innovate and create unique OVDs for our customers including the use of leading E-beam design and origination technology.  We leverage a variety of proprietary optical techniques with our in-house developed systems to combine multiple origination technologies in a single image.  OpSec’s direct write technology directly writes individual diffractive fringes at ultra-high resolution (exceed 2.5 million dpi) allowing the creation of many unique overt and covert optical security features that cannot be replicated by conventional optical security technologies. In addition, we support and innovate reflective imaging, diffractive imaging, stable color, CDI Imaging, image encryption, UDI, and many patent protected techniques (Equinox, Hoxels, AEGIS, etc).


Software Technology: OpSec is constantly pushing the boundaries to bring big data analytics to our customers in a way that creates immediate value. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools, OpSec is the first to bring total product lifecycle management to the market and ensures the teams are evaluating best in class designs and procedures and then elevating those to bring truly unique solutions to the market that not only cross the boundaries between software and physical technologies but blend them into a seamless solution.


Integration and Delivery Technology: OpSec offers the broadest range of physical and digital delivery technologies in the marketplace today and has the solutions organization to consistently push the envelope of integration not only within OpSec solutions but more importantly, the integration into our customers existing business processes and systems to create holistic solutions.



No matter how sophisticated criminals think they are, thanks to OpSec's comprehensive authentication, tracking and online programs, Xerox will always be one step ahead.