Vehicle Identification

OpSec provides a wide range of optical security solutions for vehicle identification. Through sophisticated optical features, proven constructions and expertise in the vehicle sector, we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions to governments for this important function.

Governments that deploy effective vehicle identification solutions are proven to be more successful at collecting taxes, enhancing revenues and enforcing vehicle laws. 

Secure Windshield Decals

Our range of secure windshield decals allows government authorities to provide secure visual confirmation of a range of vehicle identification requirements including:

  • Emissions Program Details
  • Road Tax Program Details
  • Authorized Access/Parking

License Plate Authentication

We offer a unique OVD (Optically Variable Device) solution, which can be embedded within plastic license plates or added at a later stage to metal plates as a weather-resistant label to help solve the increasing issue of license plate cloning and theft.

The label can be designed with a wide range of overt and covert security features. Further personalization including serialization and QR codes can take the level of authentication even further.

Temporary Vehicle Registration & SecureETag

In the USA, the temporary vehicle registration system continues to be placed under increased scrutiny due to the highly vulnerable security of many practices. Handwritten temporary tags with no security features are easily counterfeited by criminals.

To address this problem, we worked closely with state motor vehicle administrators to develop the SecureETag solution.

SecureETag enables authorized vehicle dealerships to successfully combine a secure anti-counterfeit temporary tag with a full track and trace database.


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