Tax Stamps

The global trade in counterfeit and smuggled taxable goods is an industry worth many millions. Funds gained from this illicit trade are known to support organized crime and terrorist organizations. The effect of this illegal activity can cause significant losses in tax revenue to governments. Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals are just three of the many goods that are counterfeited or smuggled illegally across borders without the required tax being paid.

Our Secure Intelligent Tax Tag (SecureITT) Product Suite enables national and local governments; as well as, official bodies of various kinds to protect tax revenues and fees by deterring the counterfeiting of security indicia, enhancing the audibility of its excise tax collection program, and actively monitoring physical and online markets for illicit trade.

Key Benefits of our tax stamp solutions include:

  • Adaptability: Region-specific tailored programs

  • Security: World-class authentication and proprietary imaging technologies

  • Scalability: Base raw material components to end-to-end stamping solutions

  • Interoperability: Bolt-on components to existing stamping infrastructures

  • Traceability: Audit of online trade in addition to physical product movement


Our Tax Stamp Solutions can include the following elements:


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