Document Security

Important documents, both those issued by governments and binding commercial agreements are under constant threat of counterfeit, alteration and misuse. While digital innovations, such as e-passports have helped some governments increase security in certain circumstances, visual checks remain the most widely used form of authentication and the area most at risk from counterfeiters.

For over 35 years, OpSec has remained a leading innovator in the provision of Holographic, OVD (Optically Variable Device) and Liquid Crystal security technology in the form of hot stamping foils, security laminates, ID pouches, and signature protectors. Our technology portfolio secures many millions of documents each year, including national passports, VISAS, ID cards, and certification.

The key to this success has been to ensure that the correct balance of overt, covert and forensic security features are chosen and embedded within every project. This balance ensures that documents can be authenticated effectively by all necessary stakeholders from members of the public to enforcement staff – yet provide unrivaled protection against any attempted counterfeiting or emulation.

A few of the companies that trust OpSec