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One of the greatest challenges faced today by global governments is to ensure the on-going protection and security of their banknote currency. Counterfeiting has grown significantly over the last decade as criminals continue to develop more advanced printing methods.

The answer for governments is to ensure that the range of security features embedded within these notes is up-to-date and offer both covert and overt methods of protection.

At OpSec, we offer the currency printing industry a variety of high-security OVDs for integration within banknotes as patches, stripes or threads. Graphic and holographic design teams work hand in hand with customers to ensure full compatibility, security and design integration.

Our OVD's for currency applications are designed for optimum security through the use of leading e-beam technology, providing the highest possible level of combined security features. They are also designed to withstand the extreme environment of mold-made papermaking machines and subsequent intaglio printing, while still retaining their optical properties in the final banknote.

The integration of the design is a crucial element in the integrity, sophistication, and acceptability of the note on both the aesthetic and security grounds.

Accredited to both CWA14641 and ISO9001, we supply a totally integrated service which is unique within the industry for the range of optical imaging techniques on offer, together with the scale of breath of protection facilities and products.


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