Engage Your Loyal Customers

Our Consumer InSight™ platform makes it possible to leverage your security labels and hangtags as a marketing tool to drive sales of genuine product, build consumer loyalty, and increase your revenue. It provides the opportunity to interact with your consumers at the point of purchase or post-purchase and engage them in new ways.


Consumer InSight allows you to:

  • Reward your customers and fans for buying genuine product
  • Offer exclusive loyalty-building rewards such as digital downloads, discounts, games, videos, etc.
  • Cross-sell & up-sell related products
  • Send location-based messaging through geo-targeting
  • Offer warranty or product information


  • Gain valuable behavioral insights via in-depth reporting and analytics
  • Identify geographic usage and enhance sales forecasting
  • Identify counterfeit trends and quickly respond to adverse scenarios
  • Integrate with your existing marketing efforts to better target your customers


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