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JML, a leading consumer products company and world leader in retail video screen promotions, was looking for a solution that would help them to enforce against counterfeit goods being sold under the JML brand, as well as by third-party affiliates. Learn how OpSec helped them...

Brand Protection & Enhancement, Fashion & Luxury, Licensing, Product Authentication, OpSec InSight, Consumer Engagement, Online InSight

Tonino Lamborghini creates products that distinguish those who own them as part of an exclusive club of lovers of beauty. Unfortunately, these aspirational qualities catch the eyes of unscrupulous counterfeiters. Learn how Tonino Lamborghini fights the fakes.

Brand Protection & Enhancement, Consumer Goods, Product Authentication, Supply Chain Management, OpSec InSight, Consumer Engagement

3T has long had a strong reputation for lightweight racing cycle components favored by many world champion racing cyclists. When 3T began hearing from customers who were victim to fake 3T parts they partnered with OpSec to combat the problem. Learn more...

Brand Protection, Licensing, Apparel Enhancement, Apparel Trim

Learn how Manchester United utilized an integrated approach to protect their brand while reinforcing their brand integrity and individuality.

Brand Protection & Enhancement, Apparel Enhancement, Fashion & Luxury, OpSec InSight

Learn how Parajumpers employed a unique set of solutions that not only enhances their brand but also provides quick and easy identification of counterfeits in the marketplace and distribution chain.

Government Protection, Tax Stamps

The Michigan tax stamp program entails a complete cigarette tax stamp solution for the state. This combined Xerox/OpSec solution is a major move away from the traditional  untracked thermal stamp solution, allowing Treasury to fully maximize their tax collections and to interact with the consuming public.

Brand Protection & Enhancement, Online Brand Protection, Fashion & Luxury

When a popular denim fashion brand was having problems with large quantities of counterfeit merchandise available online, they looked to implement an online brand protection program that complemented their e-commerce strategies. Read how they tackled their problem.

Brand Protection & Enhancement, Online Brand Protection, Product Authentication

In response to counterfeiting, illegal online sales, diversion, IP theft, and sellers who advertise below market pricing, OpSec and Xerox developed a series of countermeasures to combat each problem. The leader in imaging supplies must protect its assets. Here is how they do it.

Brand Protection & Enhancement, Supply Chain Management, Automotive

GM needed a solution that enabled field operators, dealers, servicing agents, investigators, and enforcement officials to quickly and easily spot genuine parts from fake ones. Learn how GM Europe attacked this problem.

Brand Protection & Enhancement, Licensing

The Collegiate Licensed Properties Association (CLPA) needed to authenticate their merchandise, track their supply chain and audit their inventory. They not only needed a comprehensive brand protection program, but they needed assistance with royalty tracking. Learn what the CLPA did to solve this huge problem.

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