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No one knows how to protect your brand and royalty revenue like OpSec--we safeguard small and large brands, alike, including many of the world’s largest licensed properties, and we’ve done so for nearly two decades. We can protect you, too.

Why OpSec?

  1. We’re easy to work with. It is highly likely that your licensees already know us, since we protect numerous licensing brands and have existing relationships with thousands of licensees.
  2. We make it easy for customs officials, your agents, supply-chain managers and you to identify your legitimate goods quickly and definitively.
  3. We give you unmatched intelligence and analytical tools to make smart decisions about the status and handling of your products in the supply chain.
  4. We connect you with your consumers. Consumers benefit by purchasing—and knowing they have purchased—your legitimate, high-quality product. And you benefit by capturing valuable consumer data, which enables you to improve your consumer loyalty.
  5. You collect more royalties by preventing lost sales to counterfeits, and you acquire reliable data to distinguish your responsible licensees from those that are under-reporting.
  6. We scan the global online retail marketplace for sites selling or distributing counterfeits of your products, and we take them down.
  7. We maintain comprehensive tools that enable you to efficiently manage all aspects of your licensing programs, no matter how large or complex they may be.

Our Expertise:

Product Authentication

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  • Distinguish real from fake
  • Ensure royalties are accurate
  • Secure your supply chain
  • Help consumers authenticate product
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Secure Product Tracking

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  • Track your product across the supply chain
  • Get valuable & reliable data anytime
  • Allow consumers to authenticate your product
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Consumer Engagement

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  • Deepen brand loyalty
  • Consumer product authentication
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Online Brand Protection

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  • Find and remove fakes
  • Take down illegal use of IP
  • Stop domain name infringements
  • Stop Digital Piracy
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License Management

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  • Manage All Licensing Information
  • Share & Control Brand Assets
  • Accelerate Product Approval Timelines
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Garment Enhancements

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In fashion and apparel, it is often the small details that distinguish a winning brand from the sea of also-rans. No one knows this better than OpSec, which has been providing high-quality trim solutions to leading fashion, sports and performance apparel brands for decades...

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