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Online Price Monitoring

Global Internet penetration and e-commerce are growing rapidly, and customers are increasingly using the Internet to research your products and compare prices before purchasing. There is no question that the Internet delivers some of your most valuable sales opportunities, but the sheer volume and dynamic nature of Web activity make it increasingly challenging for companies to remain competitive and to maintain control over their sales plan.

OpSec's Online Price Monitoring Solution delivers a powerful technology platform, backed up by a team of trained experts, to provide the intelligence and tools needed to manage and secure your online sales channels.

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How We Help:

Monitor & Enforce Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)

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OpSec’s technology platform extracts pricing data at the product level across highly trafficked sites in nearly every geographic region. With the click of a button, you'll see where your products are being sold online, by whom, and at what price. Our dashboard has a case management functionality that allows you to store historic data on resellers, trigger a test purchase, track consumer experience through to checkout and run customized reports. The system tracks actions associated with enforcing against MAP violations and other non-compliance issues among authorized resellers. We also detect unauthorized resellers offering your products, allowing you to clamp down on the damaging effects of the gray market.

OpSec's team of experts are familiar with many types of MAP policies and understand that reseller non-compliance enforcement varies by region. For example, MAP policy enforcement is common in the US, but not applicable in Europe. The OpSec team analyzes the data gathered and provides recommendations to assist you in evolving your reseller program strategy. OpSec will also perform test purchases, using our platform, to track the purchasing process and obtain the necessary evidence to support your actions.

Enforce your MAP policy

  • Establish an appropriate e-channel management strategy by region
  • Identify optimal partners to join your reseller program
  • Conduct test purchases to ensure compliance through checkout
  • Maintain chain-of-custody data for legal purposes
  • Analyze consumer ratings of your products
  • Quantify and reduce gray market activity
  • Identify and enforce reseller non-compliance

Track Competitor Pricing

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Using its advanced technology platform, OpSec tracks pricing and other key attributes on competitive products.  Make more informed decisions on global price and promotional strategies with our near-real time data and robust analytical reporting. OpSec's team of experts will deliver information that will help you gain an edge in today's competitive marketplace.