Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Having worked with many of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world, we believe that the key to any successful brand protection program is to understand our clients’ needs and their portfolio of products. That’s why OpSec offers a variety of solutions for on-product security and e-commerce monitoring that fight counterfeiting and strengthen supply chain security.

Our product authentication solutions offer:

  • Layered overt, covert & forensic security features
  • Mobile authentication
  • Tamper-evidence
  • Liquid Crystal technologies
  • Partial demetallization

Because so many counterfeit drugs are distributed and diverted through online channels, our online brand protection platform, Online InSight™ investigates and removes listings from the Internet, uncovers vast online illegal networks, and delivers prosecution-ready evidence. We deliver superior results because of our extensive technology portfolio and experienced team who have worked closely with pharmaceutical clients over the past 30 years.