Fashion & Luxury

According to the World Customs Organization (WCO), over thirty million pieces of branded fashion and luxury items were seized in 2014. This volume of seizures accounted for over 13% of all seized counterfeit goods.

As the global economic downturn continues to bite, the industry for counterfeit fashion and luxury items continues to boom. These economic problems may actually help drive counterfeit sales, as consumers with diminishing spending power seek cheaper products.

OpSec is a trusted partner to many of the world’s largest fashion and luxury brands, providing around the clock support in their combat against these counterfeit and gray market challenges.

Our portfolio of solutions have been developed and proven to secure, enhance and protect brands throughout each stage of a global supply and distribution chain:

  • Apparel Enhancement - Innovative trim products that help design style and security into the fabric of the brand
  • Product Authentication – providing uncompromised authentication of real goods and visibility of the supply chain
  • Online Brand Protection - ensuring online IP infringements are found, investigated and removed
  • Consumer Engagement – enabling customer to both authenticate and engage with the brand to build confidence and loyalty

A few of the companies that trust OpSec