Beautifully Designed Badges

OpSec’s badges are Ideal for sportswear, uniforms, backpacks, caps, beanies, etc. Our technology allows us to produce very fine weave and embroidered designs in high definition, with soft mono-filo yarns. We can combine embroidery onto a woven base in multiple levels and also add inks for screen printing. We then add our heat formula coating for successful heat application of these badges onto garments. This enables the consumer to have embroidered badges without weave coming through onto the inside of the garments, which can often cause skin irritation. These badges are ideal for lightweight fabrics.

OpSec's badge options include:

  • Woven
  • Embroidered
  • Woven & Embroidered
  • Hologram Encapsulated
  • Laser Die Cut
  • Sewn-in or Heat applied
  • NFC / RFID

Encapsulated Badges

Our encapsulated badges offer an attractive way to showcase your branding and make your brand truly stand out from the rest. We develop a custom holographic label, encapsulate it into a PVC or silicon badge and then apply an additional heat application process to the reverse, which allows the badge to be applied directly onto the garments. For additional brand protection measures, we can also include sequential numbers, unique tracking codes, NFC or RFID chips that allow you to efficiently track your product throughout your supply chain. The result is a durable, raised badge for additional branding that is waterproof, very noticeable and long-lasting.


• Ideal for outer branding of garments & accessories
• Extremely durable
• Heat applied backing
• Patented technology
• Wash resistant
• Any size, shape or color
• Premium brand protection

A few of the companies that trust OpSec